Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a registry?
Nope! We recognize that coming to Santa Barbara is a pricey endeavor, so we prefer that you skip the gifts.

Is there a rehearsal dinner?
Nope! We might commandeer a hotel bar in town somewhere the night before the wedding. Check back later for confirmation!

Do you have a wedding party?

Is there a dress code?
We’re thinking California cocktail–similar to cocktail, but less formal and more festive. For women: dresses or skirts of any length, jumpsuits, fun pants. For men: suits of any color, tie optional. However, we are very open to loose interpretations! Sequins are welcome and encouraged.

Is there a hotel block reserved for guests?
We don't have a block of rooms reserved. Check out Accommodation for more information, or just text or email us with any questions.

We'll add more questions here as they come in 🤔